Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Newsletter post update

We have been working on our presentation for getting a community recycling centre.
Feilding Mayor, Margret Kouvalis, is visiting our school on Monday the 18th of November. My whanau group is going to do a presentation to her.
We have achieved writing most of our speech for her. We have just got to do some editing to it.
We have been starting to do our power point for when Brooke and Hannah go to the council and do the proposal. We are needing to collect some more milk bottles because Hannah is going to the Friday market and selling some worm wee for our group.
We have been deciding a player of the week for each whanau group.
Our last two weeks most helpful people have been Brooke and Chloe.

Our group is in charge of the worm farm. We have been using milk bottles to collect our worm wee.
We are running low on bottles at the moment so if anyone had any that they could donate that would be great.
You could drop them of in the office at Apiti School,
Thanks very much
From the Waste Busters

Thursday, October 17, 2013

opening day

For the opening ceremony for our opening we sang "She'll be right" and then started with opening the hydroponics - Charlotte Sarah and Mrs Lowe.
After that it was our turn and we said our bit ...
"We are the Waste Busters. I am Hannah the leader and this is my team Brooke, Tyler, Bianca, Chloe and myself Hannah and we do all the recycling and food scraps in the school. Hannah
We have a recycling center and look after the worm farm. We have pig buckets and feed Gordie's pigs
- Chloe
George and Mavis Carter from Mageo helped us with our out designs and we painted the rest. -  Brooke
We have just built this new bigger worm farm it is made an old bath with a wood base.The Bon Apiti Committee  made us lunch for the opining ceremony. - Bianca
We painted the worm farm, we sang songs, we cut the ribbon. Hannah and Chloe cut the ribbon.We had lunch.We hope to be able to put more food scraps in and grow more worms and produce more worm wee.
Our future plans are to work with Manawatu District Council  on a village recycling center and sell worm wee. Hannah  


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 6 update

We have tidied our recycling shed and painted our worm farm. We also have nearly completed our pinata.
We have had a set mind and goal on finishing the worm farm painting and the recycling shed! We also have nearly achieved our path. There is only a little bit left to do!
We would like to say thank you to Sara for helping tidy the recycling shed. It was very appreciated help!
We would also like to say thank you to Pam and Fiona for helping us paint our worm farm. It was a great help to have some expertise!
Also Hilton Digby has been a great help. He has let us come up and pick worms. He has also helped us build our worm farm and he put the tyres in around it!
Thank you to Mr and Mrs Carter for letting us come over and do some painting and poker work, Now our vege gardens will look great!
Thank you to everyone who has helped us! It was very much appreciated!
Our next step is to completely finish our worm farm and talk to the council and board about the community recycling shed! We could suggest this at the Community Meetings.
We hope that everyone had a great time at the working bee!
Thank you,
From the Waste Busters, Hannah, Tyler, Brooke, Bianca and Chloe!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Waste buster's Pinata

Mrs Fielder had a really good idea. She had seen Pinatas in Central America and thought we could make really good ones for technology but we all thought that the main point of pinata's is to eat the lollies!
  1. We needed to achieve a group working together and everyone getting ago at something!
  2. We needed to keep the structure.
  3. We needed to keep the shape.
  4. We needed to keep the decorations colourful.
We had to work out what shape would be easiest and what would look good and what a shape would look like! We had to make sure that everyone got a go at doing something!
  • We had to use Cardboard box
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Pens / coloring things
  • We only had 2 more days to decide on what to make
  • We had to think about who can do what and what skills they have to make it
  • We had to make sure it would break and wasn't too soft!
We had to think about what colors go together and what the windows and doors would look like and how the shape would look with paper wrapped around the body of our Broom Broom Car!

We first were going to do a Globe but the shape was a circle and too difficult to make, 
The roundness was hard to cut out of the cardboard! We had to make another plan and we all decided that a broom broom car would be easy to make because it is square.

We made a goal to make sure that everyone's decorations were put on and that everyone had an important job to do!
We did very well to achieve our goal because everyone colored in a window and a picture!

Our next step is to cover up all the white and do some more decorations and colors and face highlights!

  • We had to make sure that all the colors matched and didn't make the windows and decorations look not very good!
  • Every one's windows and pictures were put on.
  • I like our pinata because it is very colorful, I think our next step is to glue on the windows. ( Bianca )
  • I like our eyes and wheels because they are colorful and each one's different, I think out next step is to maybe do some more face decorations and fix some bits. ( Brooke )
  • I liked our eyes because they were very colorful and I liked the blur around it, I think that our next step is to put in the driver and mouth. ( Tyler )
  • I think that our next step is to do some more face bits, I think that our pinata is great because everyone got to do something! ( Hannah )

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Science investigation

Brooke and Bianca have decided to do what kind of conditions worms like to live in and Hannah and Tyler are doing what kind of foods they like to eat and live on!
Brooke and Bianca will test and see how many worms are trying to crawl out of the wetness and Hannah and Tyler will count how many worms are in each section!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Worm farm new 2013

We have had a afternoons work with Hilton (which was very much appreciated) and have nearly completed our  new worm farm. We have followed a plan that had the right amount of space for our little worms! Hopefully now we can continue and start fresh with a new worm farm. We are hopefully going to start to plan the selling of the worm wee. We will TRY to keep you updated and to inform you when you can buy it!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kowhi tree competition!

· We Will Pour Worm Wee on It
· Use compost
· Water it!
· Keep it healthy and make sure it gets daylight!
· Keep weeds away!
· Make sure the roots grow properly!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thank you Wendy

Dear Wendy,
Thank you for takings some of us up to Trisha's Garden,
we all learnt something new,
I hope that you had a good time looking at all of her plants,
Hopefully we could visit her again,
Thanks again,
From Hannah

Thank you Trisha

Dear Trisha,
Thank you for letting us come up and see your amazing garden,
We thank you for teaching us so much about how you look after your plants,
What fertilizer you use!
I was really amazed at how fresh all of it was!
Also how mush garden you have,
I wish I had a garden like yours at home,
I would also like carrots the size of yours!
Thanks again,
From Hannah!
p.s Hopefully our soup tastes AMAZING!

Thank you June

Dear June,
Thank you very much for helping us with healthy lunches,
We really appreciate your expertise!
It is nice that you help out in the school so much,
We really enjoy cooking with you we learn so much from you!
Thanks again,
From Hannah

Thank you Murry

Dear Murray,
Thank you for fixing the school lawn mower!
We really appreciate it,
If i wasn't for you the lawns would be long for ages.
We also appreciate the way that you help out at our school,
You really make a difference in our school!
From Hannah

Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Goals!

We have been planning for a new worm farm to be built and a community recycling shed!

  • Worm farm
  • Build from a plan that we have on paper in our folder!
  • Color and art
  • Add WORMS!
  • Recycling shed!
  • Brooke and Hannah go to the council after permission from B.O.T.
  • Talk to the council, present!
  • Plan if we get permission
  • Build with community help!
BOOM community recycling shed!