Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Waste buster's Pinata

Mrs Fielder had a really good idea. She had seen Pinatas in Central America and thought we could make really good ones for technology but we all thought that the main point of pinata's is to eat the lollies!
  1. We needed to achieve a group working together and everyone getting ago at something!
  2. We needed to keep the structure.
  3. We needed to keep the shape.
  4. We needed to keep the decorations colourful.
We had to work out what shape would be easiest and what would look good and what a shape would look like! We had to make sure that everyone got a go at doing something!
  • We had to use Cardboard box
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Pens / coloring things
  • We only had 2 more days to decide on what to make
  • We had to think about who can do what and what skills they have to make it
  • We had to make sure it would break and wasn't too soft!
We had to think about what colors go together and what the windows and doors would look like and how the shape would look with paper wrapped around the body of our Broom Broom Car!

We first were going to do a Globe but the shape was a circle and too difficult to make, 
The roundness was hard to cut out of the cardboard! We had to make another plan and we all decided that a broom broom car would be easy to make because it is square.

We made a goal to make sure that everyone's decorations were put on and that everyone had an important job to do!
We did very well to achieve our goal because everyone colored in a window and a picture!

Our next step is to cover up all the white and do some more decorations and colors and face highlights!

  • We had to make sure that all the colors matched and didn't make the windows and decorations look not very good!
  • Every one's windows and pictures were put on.
  • I like our pinata because it is very colorful, I think our next step is to glue on the windows. ( Bianca )
  • I like our eyes and wheels because they are colorful and each one's different, I think out next step is to maybe do some more face decorations and fix some bits. ( Brooke )
  • I liked our eyes because they were very colorful and I liked the blur around it, I think that our next step is to put in the driver and mouth. ( Tyler )
  • I think that our next step is to do some more face bits, I think that our pinata is great because everyone got to do something! ( Hannah )

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