Thursday, October 17, 2013

opening day

For the opening ceremony for our opening we sang "She'll be right" and then started with opening the hydroponics - Charlotte Sarah and Mrs Lowe.
After that it was our turn and we said our bit ...
"We are the Waste Busters. I am Hannah the leader and this is my team Brooke, Tyler, Bianca, Chloe and myself Hannah and we do all the recycling and food scraps in the school. Hannah
We have a recycling center and look after the worm farm. We have pig buckets and feed Gordie's pigs
- Chloe
George and Mavis Carter from Mageo helped us with our out designs and we painted the rest. -  Brooke
We have just built this new bigger worm farm it is made an old bath with a wood base.The Bon Apiti Committee  made us lunch for the opining ceremony. - Bianca
We painted the worm farm, we sang songs, we cut the ribbon. Hannah and Chloe cut the ribbon.We had lunch.We hope to be able to put more food scraps in and grow more worms and produce more worm wee.
Our future plans are to work with Manawatu District Council  on a village recycling center and sell worm wee. Hannah  


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