Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tip 1

Tip of the week:
Please ... No more gladwrap in lunch boxes. This is because it does not break down ... it just destroys our environment!
Instead ... Why don't you use little reusable containers or bags for food. They can be taken home in our lunchboxes and filled with something new for the next day!!

2012.07.27 Newsletter

2012 Action ...

Waste busters:
All Action Projects
·         Design badges
·         Logo
·         Redesign wall display
·         Blog update
Next step: Develop an action plan for our ‘Now’ activities

Collect can tabs
Tip of the week
Less food waste in rubbish
Use both sides of the paper
Pig scraps
Sort rubbish
Less rubbish

Short term
Different buckets for food scraps
Fix up worm bin
Collect worms on a farm
Develop business – sell worms / worm wee

Long term
Set us compost bins
Bigger worm farm

Did you know plastic … (Newsletter)