Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Newsletter post update

We have been working on our presentation for getting a community recycling centre.
Feilding Mayor, Margret Kouvalis, is visiting our school on Monday the 18th of November. My whanau group is going to do a presentation to her.
We have achieved writing most of our speech for her. We have just got to do some editing to it.
We have been starting to do our power point for when Brooke and Hannah go to the council and do the proposal. We are needing to collect some more milk bottles because Hannah is going to the Friday market and selling some worm wee for our group.
We have been deciding a player of the week for each whanau group.
Our last two weeks most helpful people have been Brooke and Chloe.

Our group is in charge of the worm farm. We have been using milk bottles to collect our worm wee.
We are running low on bottles at the moment so if anyone had any that they could donate that would be great.
You could drop them of in the office at Apiti School,
Thanks very much
From the Waste Busters

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