Thursday, August 16, 2012

Waste - How much do we have?

We don’t really know clearly what waste we have at school so this week we are conducting a waste survey. We are collecting the rubbish for the week to investigate how much of each type of rubbish there is. It will help us with our plan so we can save the earth so it will still be great in 100 years’ time. (Brooke)
The name of our Whanau group is the Waste Busters.  We sort out the worm farm, the pig farm and the paper.  The worm farm bin was broken so grand-dad fixed it and it is good now.  We sell the worm wee to get money.  Do you want some?  We collect the can taps and sell them for the kidney kids.  We put the paper in the paper bin in the shed and keep it tidy.  (Tyler). 

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