Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recycling challenge

We are concerned that we are not conserving when photocopying as well as we could. We need to be more sustainable because photocopying ...
  • uses alot of paper
  • uses a lot of ink
  • costs the school a lot of money.

We can be more sustainable by ...

  • filling a page before printing. One way to do this is to share a page with a friend.
  • printing a copy in black and white to check that it is perfect before printing in colour.
  • photo copying on to both sides of the paper.
  • thinking "Do I really need this?" before printing.

We now have a sheet of paper on the wall in our photo copy room.
We are using it for our photo copying and this is how it
works... Every time we take a photo copy, we draw a line beside our name and it just works like a tally. We record whether it was a black and white or a colour copy. Every fortnight we add up how much we have spent. Each black and white copy is 4c and colour copy is 20c. The aim is to have spent the least!

It is working really well.

We have also set up a tray where people can put any mistakes or extra pieces. We can then use these to photocopy on the back.

If we develop these habits, we can set a good example to others. Then even more paper, ink and electricity will be saved.


  1. Some great ideas , we need to reduce photocopy and paper use ! They are costing us too much.