Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Worm Investigation

On the first day we got 1 cm of worm wee but on the second day we got 3 cm.
And on the third day we found that we had a lot of the wee in the container At the bottom of the worm farm so we got the container and collected it.
We thought this was a good idea because it is good fertiliser for the Native Propagator Envirogroup.

From a telephone interview with Mr Fielder, owner of a worm farm, we learnt that
Worms don't like being cold.
Worms don't like being touched.
Worms like the dark.
Worms need to need to live in mulch that is moist to the touch. It can not get too wet.
Worms only eat food when it goes rotten.
A worm farm is quite easy to make from something like an old bath.
The worm farm needs to have drainage to collect the ‘Worm Wee’.

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